McDavid UCool Towel



Product type: Performance Sport Therapy

Vendor: McDavid

Tags: cooling, ucool


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  • uCOOL? Then WeCOOL! ? Take it on the run, to the gym, on a hike. 
  • COOL DOWN - Refrigerates up to 12 degrees Celsius below average body temperature 
  • Instantly cool and wicks away moisture
  • Supplied in a plastic flip top tube for transport
  • The fabric fibres ventilate, regulate and evaporate sweat. 
  • 100% REUSABLE - Throw it in the washer/dryer when dirty. Don't settle for one time use towels.
  • Size - 12.25cm x 33cm
  • Available in 3 colours :  Blue, Green or Pink.  UChoose