McDavid Elite Runners Shin Splint Support Sleeve

McDavid Elite Runners Shin Splint Support Sleeve



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Product type: Performance Sport Therapy

Vendor: McDavid

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The calf and shin support from the Runners Therapy series offers compression and warmth for muscle and shin injuries.

This sleeve is specifically designed to reduce pain related to shin splints, calf strains and varicose veins (enlarged and twisted veins). With contoured internal support pads facing the shin, the brace provides healing pressure through its two adjustable and removable pads.

Size Guide  (Stand and measure calf in question (you knew this). Measure at the fullest part of the calf. When ordering a pair, take measurements of both calves and use the average of the results.)

Small 32-34.5cm 12.5-13.5"
Medium 34.5-38cm 13.5-15"
Large 39.5-43cm 15.5-17"
Extra Large 44.5-48cm 17.5-19"