McDavid 5149 Elite Dual Strap Knee Brace



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Product type: Performance Sport Therapy

Vendor: McDavid

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The McDavid 5149 Elite under the knee brace is a sleeve and it connects directly to the skin. This sleeve provides compression around the knee joint. because of this circulates the blood better plus it contributes to a greater wearing comfort.


Level 3 Protection
- Twofold hinges . These take away a large part of the pressure that the knee gets to stiffen.

- A gel pad - ensures that the knee brace connects even more comfortably.

Available in the following sizes:

  • Size S: for a knee circumference of 31.1 - 33.7 centimeters
  • Size L: for a knee circumference of 34.9 - 37.5 centimeters
  • Size XL: for a knee circumference of 36.8 - 39.4 centimeters