Shock Doctor, the undisputed leader in mouthguard technology and the #1 mouthguard manufacturer in the world, has become a leader in sports protection and performance around the globe.

Our continual innovation in performance-driven and protective equipment is trusted by pro’s and youth athletes at all levels of performance. Shock Doctor products are worn by athletes in over 70 countries and are available in more than 10,000 retail locations globally.

Evolution of Shock Doctor:

1993  -  EZ Guard Industries (Shock Doctor) sells the first fully engineered mouthguard for $20
2002  -  Shock Doctor launches the original version of our flagship mouthguard: The Gel Max
2003  -  Shock Doctor launches braces compatible mouthguard
2004  -  Shock Doctor enters new category, core protective equipment, with Ultra Carbon Flex Cup
2005  -  Shock Doctor extends core protective line into apparel, launching core compression shorts and padded sliding shorts

2007  -  Shock Doctor introduces the next revolution in mouthguards, the Gel Nano
2010  -  Shock Doctor launches Custom Mouthguard and ShockSkin Apparel
2011  -  Shock Doctor enters yet another new category, introducing Performance Sports Therapy
2011  -  Shock Doctor launches Nano 3D mouthguard, our smallest and lightest mouthguard to date
2013  -  Shock Doctor launches Low Profile Lip Guard and the Gel Max Flavour Fusion and becomes official mouthguard supplier to Saracens

2014  -  Shock Doctor launches Ice Recovery Compression Wraps
2015  -  Shock Doctor launches the Compression Knit range, specially designed Ultra Rugby mouthguard and becomes the official mouthguard supplier to Wigan Warriors

2016  -  Shock Doctor launches the Ultra Multisport Mouthguard, our slimmest and lowest profile mouthguard

2017  -  Building on the success of the Gel Max range Shock Doctor launches the Gel Max Power